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Sam and Dorothy Leonard Estate Auction
Dec. 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2003

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This is a very small sample listing of items in this great auction. This list includes room by room highlights of antiquities, fine arts, and other curious items found throughout the home. This is by no means a full listing, it is intended as a general sampling of items to pass on an idea of the wonderful items in this sale.


Neofitou Keramik, Greece, transferware, black with 24K gold border and transfer scenes of ancient Greece: two plates, 9 inches diameter; one fan-shaped vase, 4 ½ inches tall 2; one cup, 3 ½ inches tall; one vase, 10 ½ inches tall; one covered bowl, 8 inches tall

Pair Satsuma style covered cups, made for the European market, circa 1926-present, painted and gilt background of men in native costume, interior inscription on bowl; one, 4 ¼ inches tall x 3 ½ inches diameter; one,3 ¼ inches tall x 3 inches diameter

Set three, made in China, figures: longevity, prosperity and luck, painted with guilt accents, 8 ½ inches tall

Odd lot Cloisonné , made in the People’s Republic of China, white background, pink/yellow/orange dogwood: pair bottle vases, 9 ¼ inches tall; covered dish, 2 ¼ inches tall x 4 inches diameter; plate, 10 inches diameter; bowl, 9 inches diameter x 3 ¼ inches tall; pair baluster vases, 8 ¼ inches tall

Pair Baccarat, France, crystal parrots, 4 inches tall

Steuben, Corning, New York, crystal snail, 3 inches tall

Sevres, France, crystal goldfish

Lladro, made in Labernes Blanques, Spain, porcelain, Geisha #4807, 12 inches tall, retired in 1993, circa 1971-74

Lladro, Sea Captain #4621, 14 ½ inches tall, retired 1993

Lladro, Fisherman #4802 G/M, 15 inches tall, circa1972 retired 1979

Lladro, Giraffe Group #1005, 6 ½ inches tall, only out for one year 1969-70

Lladro, Embroiderer #4865, 11 ½ inches tall, circa 1974-94

Lladro, Going Fishing, matte finish, no value-broken

Lladro, Going Fishing #4809, 9 inches tall, retired 2001

Lladro, Angel Thinking #4539, 4 ½ inches tall, active

Lladro, Platero & Marcellino #1181, retired 1989

Lladro, pair turkeys #4525, 5 ¼ inches tall, retired 1972

Lladro, Rabbit Eating, Gray #4773, 3 ½ inches tall, retired 1998

Lladro, Quixote Standing Up #4854, active

Lladro, Restless Dove (pair) #2088, 5 inches tall, retired 1998

Lladro, Little Girl with Turkey #4814, retired 1981

Lladro, Reclining Clown #4618, (broken hand)

Lladro, Seated Harlequin #4503, 10 inches tall, retired 1975

Lladro, Gypsy with Brother #4800, 10 inches tall, retired 1979

Lladro, girl with hand on hip looking down at two ducks

Lladro, old Greek judge, seated with hat, 11 ½ inches tall

Lladro, boy on donkey with water jugs and draped cloth

Lladro, clown tipping top hat, violin in hand, matte finish, 14 inches tall

Pair Satsuma vases, with Satsuma mark, circa 1860-80s, square baluster shape, painted and gilt panels of Buddha, women and men, lion heads each side, 8 inches tall

Carved ivory tusk, bust of African woman with large headdress, 16 inches tall

Gilt wooden carving, made in Peoples Republic of China, 19 inches long x 7 inches tall

Quail mounted on driftwood with dried grass, encased in wooden based glass case, 17 ½ inches tall

Arab coffee pot, copper base with brass overlay on spout and around collar, brass lid and finial, 17 ½ inches tall

Santa figurine

Pair Arab daggers, circa late 19th century, rhino horn hilt and woven silver-decorated scabbard with chased border top, 7 inch curved double edged blade

Four-panel carved wooden screen, made in Pakistan, each panel 20 inches wide x 68 ½ inches tall

Coromandel four-panel screen, circa 1920s, applied mineral figures of women, pagodas of various woods, painted background, opposing side with painted insects and foliage, each panel 11 inches wide x 35 ½ inches tall

Presentation sword in case, etched brass hilt with single edge metal blade (33 inches long), scabbard of brass plated metal with foliate and bird design on both sides and four oval medallions with blue cabochon mineral stones

Celestron telescope on tripod base, D=60 mm, F=900 mm

Oil portrait, signed I. Raphael 1959 (dentist by profession), of Arab man in native dress, wooden frame with linen mat, 15 inches x 19 inches

Framed portrait of “Chief Quanah Parker”, signed lower right corner Carpenter 78 (regional artist), wooden and linen frame, 29 ½ inches x 15 inches


Pair, pheasants mounted on driftwood and wooden stand

Arab coffee pot, chased brass

Middle Eastern (Kuwait) brass inlaid blanket chest of typical form with brass studding, deep well and three base drawers, 23 ½ inches high x 47 ½ inches wide x 22 ½ inches deep

Pair Satsuma type, (no mark detected), baluster vases, circa late 1800s, painted and gilt scenes of warriors and men in ceremonial dress, 10 inches tall

Onyx persimmons

Onyx elephant on wooden stand, 3 inches tall

Onyx plum

Malachite stag and fawn with tree on wooden stand, (as is-neck and leg of fawn has been broken), 3 ½ inches tall x 5 inches long

Pale celadon jadeite woman in flowing dress on carved wooden stand (slight as is-one finger broken on lower hand), 7 ½ inches tall

Celadon jadeite lotus branches with two birds on carved wooden stand, 8 inches tall x 6 inches wide

Pair carved ivory Oriental Emperor and Empress seated in chair with dragon motif, on wooden stand, signed for the European market, 3 ½ inches tall

Carved ivory figure, man in peasant dress, carrying persimmon branch, hat over arm and basket of persimmons, on stand, not signed

Framed lithograph, Middle Eastern hill scene, lower right David Roberts, April 12th, 1834

Set five framed prints of Middle Eastern life

Middle Eastern inlaid wood and mother-of-pearl items of geometric design (not old): hinged box 5 inches x 3 inches; hinged box 7 ¼ inches x 11 ½ inches x 2 inches; stationery casket 9 ½ inches tall x 13 inches wide x 7 ½ inches deep; cigarette case 4 inches tall x 7 inches wide x 5 ½ inches deep; backgammon set

Pair solid brass candlesticks , possibly English, circa mid-1800s, Georgian style with footed base, six-sided drip pan

Middle Eastern copper and brass canteen, hand chased with five faceted bezel set stones, 7 inches diameter x 11 inches tall

Coffee table, hand carved top of floral motif, 18 ¼ inches tall x 60 inches long x 24 ½ deep

Pair ivory rhinoceros, 2 inches long; 4 inches long

Hand carved wooden elephant with ivory tusks, foot on lion and lion on back

Set three Egyptian antique brass pen and ink cases, used by scribes, 8 ¼ inches x 9 ¼ inches

Set three pointed form flint hand axes, reported to be Algerian approximately 2,000 years old, used to scrape hair from animal hides

Marked La Movedira, Industria, Argentina, knife , (13 inches long with 7 inch long blade), hilt of chased silver with floral motif and copper inlay, sheath of the same, ending in open work finial

Leather belt with center chained medallion of man on bucking horse, upper and lower rows of Argentinean coins and center row of silver studs, 3 inches wide, approximately 40-50 years old

Pair silver alloy fighting cocks, possibly South American, 8 ¼ inches tall and 9 ½ inches tall


Framed lithograph of Convent of St Catherine with Mt. Horeb, 14 inches x 19 ½ inches, lower right David Roberts R.A. February 19, 1839, 24 inches wide x 31 inches tall

Sterling silver one-mast yacht replica by Takehiko, approximately 6 ½ inches tall x 7 inches wide, in glass and wood display case, 11 inches tall x 9 ½ inches wide x 6 ¼ inches deep

Pair chased brass ewers, made in Libya; one, 16 inches tall with open top; one, 15 ½ inches tall with cover

Pair Middle Eastern coffee and milk pots, copper with applied brass, 10 inches tall and 6 inches tall

Arabian gulf sea coral mounted on wood, 12 inches tall x 16 inches wide

Silver-plate tray, Christofle, France, beaded border, square open handles with reeding terminating in acanthas leaf, engraved: Presented to Sam and Dorothy Leonard in English and Arabic, 21 inches x 16 inches without handles


                           Nain, “Hunt Scene”, hand knotted wool and silk inlaid rug

Framed brass rubbing of Sir Thomas Bullen, St. Peter’s Church, died 1538, Hever, Kent, England, 91 inches tall x 30 inches wide, (see also #141)

Jadeite tree, made in Hong Kong, varying shades of jadeite in amber, pink, celadon, dark green leaves (approximately 26 inches tall) in cloisonné jardiniere of blue background with scenes of cranes and dogwood (13 inches wide x 9 inches deep x 5 inches tall)

Sandstone bust of Middle Eastern man, no signature detected

Amphora in new iron stand, reported to be from a crypt in Libya (reported by Mr. Leonard to be 2,000 years old), approximately 38 inches tall

Pair brass flamingos, 31 inches tall

Round brass tray with Egyptian figures, 36 inches diameter

Frederic Remington (1861-1909) “Bronco Buster” bronze sculpture, this replica was Remington’s first sculpture,24 inches tall

Brass rubbing from England, 3 feet x 4 feet


Pair Nian, hand knotted rugs, wool and silk inlaid, each 2.7 x 4.0

Nian, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, 3.95 x 6.7

Nian, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, 3.10 x 6.10

Nian, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, as is-two stains

Pakistan, Bokhara, hand knotted rug, artificial silk, 4.25 x 6.1

Pakistan, Bokhara, hand knotted rug, wool, 4.2 x 6.1

Isfahan, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, 3.9 x 5.8

Nian, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, 3.11 x 6.4

Nian, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, 4.35 x 7.2

Nian, “Tree of Life”, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, 4.3 x 6.8

Nian, hand knotted rug, wool, 4.3 x 6.8

Nain, hand knotted rug, wool, 4.35 x 6.1

Ladies’ full length black mink coat (could not see back side of pelts to tell if male or female), inside label Koslow’s, Dorothy C. Leonard

Ladies’ autumn haze mink stole with mink ties, label Borger Christensen Copenhagen Denmark, monogram DWL

Ladies’ autumn haze mink jacket, stroller length, label Koslow’s, Dorothy W. Leonard

Ladies’ mahogany mink stole, label Sol Schulman, New York, monogram DWL


Thai stainless nickel bronze flatware in wooden storage chest, “Royal Bamboo” pattern: 24 dinner knives; 12 fish knives; 24 dinner forks; 24 salad forks; 12 fish forks; 12 iced beverage spoons; 12 teaspoons; 12 soup spoons; 12 consommé spoons; 12 individual butter knives; 8 lobster crackers; 2-piece roast set; 2-piece salad set (one large set, one small set); gravy ladle; flat server; cake knife; lemon fork; sauce ladle; cheese knife, (176 piece set)

Pair Lladro, Spain, doves, 8 inches tall

Coffee set, silver alloy, Middle Eastern marking: covered baluster shaped coffee pot with floral chasing, bird finial, 8 inches high; creamer with same chasing, 3 ½ inches tall; covered sugar with same chasing and bird finial; tray with floral chased border, 6 ½ inches x 11 ½ inches

Waterford brass and crystal candlesticks, 11 inches high

Pair Waterford balloon goblets, “Prosperity” pattern

Pair Waterford wines, “Prosperity” pattern

Chinese export charger, circa 1880s, famille rose, 13 inches diameter

Set crystal, molded/pressed kite shaped motif with daisy button on bowl, faceted stem, rayed base (60 pieces stemware): 12 wines (one-as is); 12 flutes; 13 DOF; 11 sherry; 13 cordials; 2 matching decanters

Pair framed brass figures, one of a knight, one of a lady in medieval dress, 15 inches wide x 47 ½ inches tall


Plata Lappas S.A. Industria Argentina, silverplate handled tray, canted corners, gadroon border, engraved Sam & Dorothy 2 November 1966 (in Spanish), 19 ½ inches long x 14 inches wide

Roma, Madrid Spain, electroplate silver over copper, stemware, spiral column stem of grapes and leaves (44 pieces stemware): 12 cordials, 3 ½ inches high; 14 open champagnes, 5 ½ inches high; 18 goblets, 7 inches high; pair candleholders, 5 ½ inches high; water pitcher; wine cooler

Roma, Madrid Spain, electroplate silver over copper: punch bowl; 18 cups; round tray, 19 inches diameter; ladle

International sterling bowl, “Prelude” pattern, c-scroll floral border, 10 inches diameter

Gorham electroplate footed well-tree platter, foliate border with embossed floral

Silverplate bowl, 10 ½ inches diameter

Franciscan earthenware, “Desert Rose” pattern (some pieces-as is): 17 dinner plates; 10 luncheon plates; 6 salad plates; 14 bread and butter plates; 5 cereal bowls; 6 fruit bowls; 27 saucers; 3 cups; 6 demitasse saucers; 4 demitasse cups; 1 chop platter; 1 oval platter; divided relish; cracker dish; 2 egg cups; pair candleholders; 2 open sugar; 2 creamers; set salt and pepper shakers; covered butter dish; 3-tiered serving tray; 1 small bowl; tea strainer; 3 butter pats

Johnson Bros., England, ironstone dinnerware, “The Friendly Village”: 18 dinner plates (The School House); 12 salad plates (Willow by the Brook); 17 bread and butter plates (Sugar Maple); 17 saucers (The Ice House); 18 cups; 17 cereal bowls (The Covered Bridge); 16 coasters; 2 round vegetable bowls, 8 ½ inch, (Autumn Mist); 1 oval vegetable bowl (The Village Green); gravy boat and underplate (The Well); covered butter (The Covered Bridge); 1 oval platter (Harvest Time), 13 ½ inches; 1 sandwich plate (The Covered Bridge), 8 inch square

Noritake, Japan, china, # 6438 “Buckingham” pattern, white with thin silver band, raised white floral border (some-as is): 15 dinner plates; 17 salad plates; 15 bread and butter plates; 13 saucers; 11 cups; 12 fruit bowls; 13 cereal bowls; 2 covered sugars; 1 creamer; gravy boat with attached underplate; 8 oval serving bowls, 10 inch; 1 oval platter, 11 ½ inches; 3 oval platters, 13 ½ inches; 1 oval platter, 16 inches

Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston, made in England, Queens shape, scalloped edge, creamware:8 dinner plates; 15 salad plates; 8 bread and butter plates; 5 rim soup bowls; 6 cereal bowls; 9 saucers; 8 cups; 7 fruit bowls; creamer and covered sugar; oval vegetable, 9 ½ inch; oval platter, 13 ½ inch

Brilliant, hobstar, cut vase, (rim-as is), 11 inches tall

Cumbria, England crystal: 7 double old fashioned glasses, 1 matching decanter

Set 13, made in France, stemmed cordials, emerald green stem and base, clear bowl with etched grape and leaf motif

Set 6 Marcel Van Quickelberghe, Belgium, framed watercolors


Four-panel carved wooden screen, made in Pakistan, one side with small brass inlay, opposite side with white inlay (reported to be ivory, possibly mother-of-pearl), each panel 21 ½ inches wide x 6 feet high


Antique Libyan amphora, 33 inches tall

Antique Libyan amphora

Guilt metal and molded glass chandelier, faceted beads and prisms descending to circlet, approximately 29 inches tall (in shipping crate)

“Queen’s Castle” pinball machine

Briggs & Stratton 46 inch garden tractor, 20 HP, with cart, pull sprayer and snow scoop

MTD GT 184G riding mower


Round wrought iron coffee table, painted white, glass top, 32 inches diameter

Round wrought iron coffee table, marble top, 40 inches diameter

Set wooden patio furniture: table; 2 chaise lounge; 2 tables; 4 arm chairs



Fredric Remington (1861-1909) bronze sculpture, “Mountain Man”, 29 ½ inches tall x 21 inches deep

Four-panel wood carved screen, made in Pakistan, each panel 20 inches wide x 73 inches high

Middle Eastern style round table (36 ½ inches diameter x 23 ½ inches high), carved wooden frame with brass stringing, scalloped pattern on outer frame and four legs, center is brass tray (30 ½ inches diameter)

Oil painting, signed lower right corner Vanel, two horseback riders driving three horses across the river in the rain

Oil painting, signed lower right corner Raphal 1959 (dentist by profession), Arab man in field, 24 inches x 20 inches (see 40.)

Acrylic monotype, “Sudanese Woman”, signed Mary Glasson, 24 inches x 33 inches

Three Frederic Remington (1861-1909) bronze sculptures: “Rattlesnake”, 8 inches tall; “Outlaw”, 8 inches tall; “Wicked Pony”, 8 inches tall


Nian, hand knotted rug, wool, 3.10 x 6.3

Nain, hand knotted rug, wool, 3.10 x 6.6

Nain, Isfahan, hand knotted rug, wool and silk inlaid, “Tree of Life”, 3.7 x 6.9

Painting, signed lower right corner Carpenter, “Chief White Eagle Ponca Tribe”, 17 inches x 22 inches

Framed brass rubbing, St. Thomas Bullen died 1538, St. Peters Church, Hever, Kent, England, 19 ½ inches x 43 inches (see 73.)

Set four framed signed David Willis, numbered prints: three of Bedouin men; one of a Bedouin woman

Oil painting signed Hadi, 5 ½ inch deep wooden frame: three men on camels, painting 22 ½ inches high x 46 inches long

Frederic Remington (1861-1909) bronze sculpture, “Buffalo Horse”, 16 inches high x 10 inches wide


One pair lusters circa 1880’s, (one globe glued and broken-no value; other globe broken at base), etched morning glories on globe, splayed foot brass base; other luster has globe of cut pressed pattern, same brass base

Capameikos, Greece, plate, gold rim, blue deer in center, 10 inches diameter

Metal eagle (2 ½ inches high) on white granite base, 6 ½ inches total height

Brass eagle

Carved gourd with silver and copper bands, 8 inch silver pipe, South American

Pair leather covered camel figurines: one standing (13 ½ inches tall), one kneeling (8 inches tall)

Twelve piece set blue and white miniature Dutch houses, size range from 2 inches tall to 4 inches tall (these were given gratis by KLM Airlines and are filled with liquor from Rynbende Distilleries)

Delft tray (new), 5 ½ inches x 9 ½ inches

Ceramic bell, blue flowers, Arabic script

Chinese export covered jar, pink/yellow

Sadler, made in England, souvenir tea pot and one cup: various London scenes

Pottery pot signed Duran, white/blue/yellow, 9 inches high

Tankard with Harvard Business School logo

Reverse glass painted box, Brown University, 13 inches long x 8 inches wide x 2 ½ inches high

Brass/metal clock

Pinske wood clock

Framed print, signed Robert Hardee Nov. 86, numbered 85/500: scene of early Ponca City

Royal Albert “Sweet Violet” dish (6 inches long) and Rossetti “Spring Violets”, Occupied Japan, dish (6 inches long)

Liquid thermometer

Framed photograph, by Bill Ratcliffe, of a bald eagle

Pair brass seated deer, 7 inches high x 10 inches long

Carved wooden figure of a man in native South American dress, 16 inches tall

Carved wooden profile of Native American man with feather in hair, 7 inches high

Wedgwood covered egg-shaped box, 4 inches long

Lobster shell

Framed painting, signed Carpenter, house with woman kneeling in garden, 24 ½ inches long x 18 ½ inches high, (see H50)

Carved tray with mother-of-pearl inlay

Framed watercolor, signed (could not determine signature), “Fishing Dhows Dubai Creek”

Framed print, numbered 212/950, signed Fonda Downs, “Conoco Heritage”: vintage Conoco gas pump

Carved wooden giraffes, two adult and one baby in a circle, 12 inches high

Brass giraffe and baby figures, 11 inches tall and 6 inches tall

Framed photograph of a wolf

Frederic Remington bronze sculpture, 7 inches high

Three ivory giraffes: one, 8 inches high @ $75.00; two, 3 inches high

Pair ivory elephants, 1 ½ inches high

Odd lot foreign and domestic stamps

Odd lot foreign and domestic coins and currency














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